Saturday, May 2, 2009

226 - AIIMS MAY 2001 mcqs with answers - part 8

36) A patient with BHP underwent TURP and
developed altered sensorium. The cause is

a) Hyponatremia
b) Hypernatremia
c) Hypomagnesemia
d) Hypokalemia

37) Neuroblastoma differs from Wilm’s tumor
radiologically by all except

a) same location
b) intraspinal extension of tumor
c) calcification
d) aorta and IVC are not eroded but pushed aside

38) A 60 year old male, Kallu, on CT scan was
found to have a solid renal tumor involving the inferior
vena cava and renal vein. The tumor was within
the Gerota’s fascia. All are true except

a) chest X-ray to rule out pulmonary metastasis
b) pre-operative radiotherapy or chemotherapy is not done
c) IVC invasion is inoperable
d) pre-operative biopsy is not indicated

39) A male patient, Kamal, aged 50 years presents
with gradually progressive hard scrotal swelling
on the right side. All the following can be done

a) inguinal exploration
b) chest Xray to rule out pulmonary metastasis
c) CT abdomen
d) biopsy through the scrotal skin

40) A patient of BHP underwent TURP under
bupivacaine spinal anesthesia. One hour later, he
developed nausea, vomiting and altered
sensorium. The cause possibly is

a) Hypernatremia
b) Water intoxication
c) Bupivacaine overdose
d) Rupture Bladder

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