Tuesday, May 12, 2009

248 - AIIMS MAY 2009 mcqs with answers part 22

106q: cerebellar ataxia is caused by

A) cytosine arabinoside
B) bleomycin
C) cisplatin
D) Busulfan

107q: Most cardio stable anaesthetic ?

a) Ketamine
b) propofol
c) etomidate
d) none

108q: C1-C2 vertebral fracture is best seen in

a) Lat view
b) Oblique view
c) AP view
d) Odontoid view

109q: crescent fracture pelvis true is

a) seperation of pubis with ramus fracture
b) sacroilliac fracture
c) acetabulular fracture
d) none

110q: macronodular regenerative changes most commonly occurs in?

a) cirrhosis
b) alcohol
c) hepatitis B
d) none

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