Tuesday, May 12, 2009

242 - AIIMS MAY 2009 mcqs with answers part 16

75q: Which is given orally

a. Mesna
b. Cytosine
c. Actinomycin D
d. Doxorubicin

76q: methaemoglobinemia is caused by which local anaesthetic ?

a. procaine
b. prilocaine
c. lignocaine
d. none

77q: Left heart failure finding all are true except

a. Oligemic lung fields
b. Kerley B lines
c. Redistribution to apex
d. Cardiomegaly

78q: Contraindications for cesarean section in pregnancy

a. Eisenmenger synd
b. AS
c. Cardiomyopathy
d. Aortic regurgitation

79q: Stability of post gleno-humeral is tested by :

a. Jerk's test
b. falcrum test
c. Crank test
d. Sulcus test

80q: Treatment of TB in pregnancy

a. Category 1 treatment in 1st trimester
b. Delayed till second trimester
c. Category 2 treatment in 1st trimester
d. Cat 3 treatment in 1st trimester

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