Sunday, May 10, 2009

230 - AIIMS MAY 2009 mcqs with answers part 4

16q: cetuximab is used for which cancer ?

a. gastric cancer
b. anal canal cancer
c. prophylactic for head and neck cancer
d. small cell carcinoma of lung

17q: which of the following drugs is safe in myasthenia gravis ?

a. aminoglycosides
b. azathioprine
c. tetracycline
d. phenytoin

18q: deltoid ligament is not attached to ?

a. medial cuneiform
b. medial malleolus
c. sustentaculum tali
d. spring ligament

19q: all are dimorphic except ?

a. blastomyces dermatidis
b. histoplasma
c. pencillium marneffei
d. phialophora

20q: all cause malabsorption except ?

a. ankylostoma
b. ascaris
c. strongyloides
d. capillaria phillipenisis

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