Friday, May 15, 2009

255 - AIIMS MAY 2009 mcqs with answers part 29

141q: HIV targetted interventions are done for all except ?

a. street children
b. sex workers
c. industrial workers
d. migrant workers

142q: targets of tenth five year plan for control of blindness are all except ?

a. increase cataract surgery rate to 450 operations per lakh
b. IOL implantation in more than 80 percent
c. development of 50 pediatric opthalmology units
d. none

143q: sphincters of vagina are all except ?

a. bulbospongiosus
b. pubovaginalis
c. internal urethral sphincter
d. external urethral sphincter

144q: which of the following is not true ?

a) left hepatic vein crosses segment 4
b) left hepatic vein is formed within the umbilical fissure
c) segment 5 and 8 is drained by right anterior sectoral vein
d) caudate lobe is drained by left hepatic vein only

145q: Reflex hallucination is a morbid type of

a. Kineathesia
b. Parathesia
C. Synaesthesia
d. none

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