Tuesday, May 12, 2009

247 - AIIMS MAY 2009 mcqs with answers part 21

101q: Penetrating neck trauma :-

a) Violating the platysma layer of the neck
b) 2 cm depth invasion
c) Any trauma damaging Vital structure in neck
d) none

102q: During Ovulation phase :-

a) Increase in inhibin A level
b) Fsh induce steroidogenesis in granulosa cells
c) activin increase
d) none

103q: drug with Highest emetic potential

A) cisplatin
B) high dose methotrexate
C) high dose Cyclophosphamide
D) none

104q: All cause Malabsorption syndromes except

A) Giardiasis
B) Ascaris
C) Strongyloides
D) Capillaria phillipinesis

105q: A 7 year old boy with abrupt onset of pain in hip , with hip abducted. investigations are normal except for a high value of ESR. What is the next line of management?

A) hospitalize and Observe
b) intravenous antibiotics
c) USG guided aspiration of hip
d) none

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