Friday, May 15, 2009

256 - AIIMS MAY 2009 mcqs with answers part 30

151q: Stability of post gleno humeral joint tested by :

a) Jerk's test
b) falcrum test
c) Crank test
d) Sulcus test

152q: fructosamine levels are used for all except ?

a. short term sugar control
b. diagnosis of diabetes in pregnancy
c. ?????????
d. ?????????

153q: Not a method of health education?

A. service approach
B. mass media
C. regulatory Approach
D. Primary health care approach

154q: a patient presents with history of 6 months diarrhoea . stool microscopy showed AFB positive organism which was 10 micrometers in length . what could be the probable organism ?

a. echinococcus
b. ankylostoma
c. cyclospora
d. none

155q: a man with strained n croaky voice presents with spasmodic dysfunction . all of the following are true about the condition except ?

a)adductor spasm,
b)abductor spasm,
c)botox in PCA is the best treatment
d)type 4 thyroplasty is treatment

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