Wednesday, June 10, 2009

259 - DNB December 2008 mcqs with answers part 1

1q: which of the following immunoglobulins is secreted in body fluids ?

a. Ig A
b. Ig M
c. Ig D
d. Ig G

2q: lyme's disease is caused by ?

a. Borrelia vincenti
b. Borrelia burgdoferi
c. Borrelia hermsii
d. Borrelia recurrentis

3q: Acrodynia is caused due to which poisoning ?

a. Arsenic
b. mercury
c. iron
d. cadmium

4q: all tongue muscles are supplied by hypoglossal nerve except ?

a. myoglossus
b. palatoglossus
c. mylohyoid
d. superior constrictor

5q: most sensitive organ to radiotherapy ?

a. liver
b. brain
c. bone marrow
d. kidney

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