Sunday, June 21, 2009

264 - PGI chandigarh june 2009 mcqs with answers part 3

11q: which of the following is the earliest feature of diabetic retinopathy ?

a. microaneurysms
b. cotton wool spots
c. dot and blot hemorrhages
d. hard exudates
e. flame shaped hemorrhages

12q: morbidities expected in the baby of a diabetic mother is/are ?

a. macrosomia with large shoulders
b. hyperglycemia
c. cardiac anamolies
d. unexplained intrauterine foetal death
e. caudal regression

13q: drugs which are not effective in multiple myeloma ?

a. bortezomib
b. hydroxyurea
c. melphalan
d. cyclophosphamide
e. ketoconazole

14q: a 65 year old lady with a single episode of postmenopausal bleeding . management options are ?

a. fractional currettage
b. pap smear
c. hysterectomy straight away
d. endometrial biopsy
e. treatment only if symptom recurs

15q: a male patient is suffering from headache, profuse sweating, palpitations with a BP of 160/110 . drugs which will not be useful is/are ?

a. IV nitroglycerine
b. labetalol
c. nifedipine
d. prazosin
e. phenoxybenzamine

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