Thursday, June 18, 2009

261 - DNB december 2008 mcqs with answers part 3

11q: Maximum production of potassium is seen in which of the following organs ?

a. duodenum
b. stomach
c. ileum
d. colon

12q: all of the following cause reference pain to left shoulder except ?

a. pancreatitis
b. oesophagitis
c. cholecystitis
d. appendicitis

13q: which of the following day is considered as no smoking day ?

a. first wednesday of march
b. second wednesday of march
c. first wednesday of april
d. second wednesday of april

see this official website of no smoking day for more information .

14q: narrowest part of the upper airway in children ?

a. supraglottic
b. subglottic
c. glottis
d. none

15q: which of the following is the agent of choice for sclerotherapy ?

a. phenol
b. sodium tetradecyl sulfate
c. ethanolamine oleate
d. quinine

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