Friday, July 24, 2009

274 - Random mcqs from various medical PG entrance tests part 6

26q: Percentage of elemental iron in ferrous sulphate hydrated is ?

a. 20 %
b. 30 %
c. 60 %
d. 33 %

27q: In which part of the brain , new neurons can form from stemcells in adult man ?

a. cingulate gyrus
b. sylvian fissure
c. olfactory bulb
d. uncus

28q: The immunosuppressive drug found to be effective in autism is ?

a. sirolimus
b. temsirolimus
c. everolimus
d. mycophenolate mofetil

29q: Accole forms are seen in ?

a. P.vivax
b. P. falciparum
c. P. ovale
d. P. malariae

30q: PQLI would not include which of the following ?

a. IMR
b. MMR
c. life expectancy at 1 year
d. literacy rate

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Anonymous said...

29q : Accole forms are present in P. falciparum .(not P. vivax)

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