Thursday, July 16, 2009

271 - Random mcqs from various medical PG entrance tests part 3

11q: 'LAMBDA SIGN' in sarcoidosis is seen in ?

a. Gallium scan
b. PET scan
c. MRI
d. Plain X-Ray

12q: Nerve supplying submandibular gland is ?

a. fifth cranial nerve
b. seventh cranial nerve
c. eleventh cranial nerve
d. twelfth cranial nerve

13q: Vessels that exert most pronounced "windkessel" function are ?

a. capillaries
b. large arteries
c. large veins
d. arterioles
e. venules

14q: antibacterial agents may induce a deficiency in which of the following ?

a. vitamin A
b. vitamin E
c. vitamin K
d. selenium
e. biotin

15q: What are Ceroid bodies ?

a. lipid inclusions in pancreatic beta cells
b. beta cell inclusions in FCPD
c. amylin depositions in beta cells
d. none

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