Wednesday, July 1, 2009

267 - PGI chandigarh june 2009 mcqs with answers part 6

31q: What are the causes of corneal neovascularisation ?

a. contact lens
b. eales disease
c. DM
e. chemical burn

32q: Which of the following are true about Retinoblastoma ?

a. leucocoria is the most common presentation
b. always unilateral
c. there may be a family history
d. most common age group involved is 2-3 years
e. enucleation is the only treatment

33q: treatment of diabetic retinopathy is ?

b. Anti VEGF antibody
c. para plana vitrectomy
d. phacoemulsion
e. retinal laser photocoagulation

34q: which of the following are true about active transport ?

a. require energy
b. require carrier
c. non saturated
d. along concentration

35q: which of the following is true about PCR ?

a. specific
b. thermostable enzyme
c. it produces blunt ends
d. oligonucleotide determines site

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