Wednesday, July 15, 2009

269 - Random mcqs from various medical PG entrance tests part 1

1q: Civatte bodies are found in ?

a. Psoriasis
b. Lichen planus
c. vitiligo
d. Dermatophytosis

2q: Nerves in the lateral wall of cavernous sinus are all except

a. Maxillary nerve
b. Opthalmic nerve
c. Trochlear
d. Oculomotor nerve
e. Mandibular nerve

3q: Which of the following statement/s are true about epidural hematoma ?

a. arterial in origin
b. usually accompanied by skull fracture
c. suspected only in comatose patients
d. diagnosed by CT

4q: Cobra head appearance on imaging is seen in which of the following condition ?

a. Ureterocele
b. rectocele
c. sickle cell anemia
d. renal cell carcinoma

Typical imaging features of 'cobra head' in the intravenous urography. Supine abdominal radiograph of intravenous urography about 15 min after contrast medium injection shows right hydronephrosis and hydroureter. There bilateral contrast medium-filled cystic lesions with halo rims are noted in the urinary bladder, resembling 'cobra heads.'

5q: H shaped vertebrae are seen in ?

a. osteopetrosis
b. sickle cell anemia
c. paget's disease
d. acute leukemia

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