Monday, July 20, 2009

273 - Random mcqs from various medical PG entrance tests part 5

21q: Okasaki fragments are seen during the synthesis of ?

a. double stranded DNA
b. single stranded DNA
c. mRNA
d. tRNA

22q: Hepar lobatum is associated with ?

a. hepatitis A
b. syphilis
c. yellow fever hepatitis
d. dengue

23q: MTP act of 1971 provides for termination of pregnancy till ?

a. 12 weeks
b. 16 weeks
c. 20 weeks
d. 24 weeks

24q: Lines of zahn are seen in ?

a. Primary platelet thrombus
b. Coraline thrombus
c. propogated clot
d. none

25q: Ascoli's test is related to which disease ?

a. syphilis
b. anthrax
c. diptheria
d. typhoid

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