Thursday, July 16, 2009

270 - Random mcqs from various medical PG entrance tests part 2

6q: Egg on a string apperance of the heart is seen in ?

a. tricuspid atresia
b. TGA
c. ASD
d. VSD

7q: Fish vertebrae are seen in ?

a. osteopetrosis
b. osteopoikilosis
c. paget's disease
d. osteopenia

8q: Which of the following is a finding in pure left-sided CHF ?

a. Cor pulmonale
b. Pre renal azotemia
c. splenic congestion
d. nutmeg liver
e. ascites

9q: Which of the following is not associated with syphilitic aneurysms ?

a. cor bovinum
b. tree-barking
c. confined to abdominal aorta
d. obliterative endarteritis

10q: the surface ectoderm gives rise to which of the following structures ?

a. dilator pupillae muscle
b. retina
c. lens
d. sclera
e. choroid

Read this page on the opthalmology blog to learn about all the embryological derivatives of eye and all of its parts from neural ectoderm, surface ectoderm and mesoderm .

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