Tuesday, November 11, 2008

46 - AIIMS november 2008 mcqs - part 1

1. MC site of peripheral aneurysm is 

a. femoral 
b. popliteal 
c. brachial 
d. radial 


answer: b . popliteal artery .

2. mineralocorticoid receptors r not present in 

a. hippocampus 
b. liver 
c. colon 
d. kidney 

answer: b. liver .

3. vasopressor used in pregnancy is 

a. methoxamine 
b. phenyephrine 
c. ephedrine 
d. mephentin


answer: d . mephentin .

4. dna without introns is 

a. B dna 
b. Z dna 
c. mitochondral dna 
d. nu dna 



5. all of d follwin r done in shoulder dystocia except 

a. fundal pressure
b. mc roberts manovre 
c. woods manovre
d. suprapubic pressure


answer: a . fundal pressure .

6. gene for BRCA 1 is present in

a. 13 
b. 11 
c. 17 
d. 22 


answer: c. 17 .

7. folate chromosome 

a. x 
b. 21 
c. 11 
d. 9 

answer: b . 21 .

8. TNF alfa blockers are contraindicated in 

a. seronegative arthritis 
b. psoriatic arthritis 
c. SLE
d. behcets 


answer: c . SLE .

9. Vagus stimulation causes 

Increase CO 
b. Increased Heart rate 
c. Increased stroke volume
d. increased R-R interval 


answer: d .

10.alar plate derivatives all except 

a. hypoglossal nerve 
b. inf olivary nuclei 
c. sub nigra, 
d. dentate nucleus 




11. MHC gene is located on which chromosome

a. 6 
b. 9 
c. 11 
d. 13 

answer: a . 6

12. Curlings ulcer is most commonly seen in 

a. esophagus 
b. duodenum 
c. ileum 
d. colon 

answer: b . duodenum .

13. Fish is deficient in 

a. Iron 
b. Iodine 
c. Vit A 
d. Phosphorous 



14. Shortest Incubation period is seen in 

a. Hep A 
b. Hep B 
c. Influenza 
d. Rubella 

answer: c . influenza . it has an incubation of period of only 48-72 hrs .

15. max gastric motility postprandially is seen in

a. ascending colon
b. transverse 
c. descending colon
d. sigmoid colon 


16. gold standard investigation for GERD diagnosis

a. Manometry 
b. 24 hrs PH 
c. Esophagoscope 
d. endoscopy 

answer: b . 24 hrs pH

17. Recurent GIST Diagnosed by 

a. PET Scan 
b. CECT 
c. MRI 
d. USG


Answer: a . PET scan .

18. Lepromin test is 

a. Diagnostic 
b. Prognostic. 
c. Treatment 
d. Epidemiologic Evaluation 

answer: b . prognostic .

19. Glomus tumor found in 

a. Finger 
b. Liver 
c. Adrenal 
d. Pituitary 

answer: a . finger .

20. MC Cause of mononeuritis multiplex in india 

a. TB 
b. RA 
c. Hansens 
d. SLE


Answer: c . hansens disease which is the other name of leprosy . 

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