Monday, January 11, 2010

334 - AIPGMEE 2010 Mcqs with answers - part 6

26q: Drug of choice for chlamydia in pregnancy is ?
a. Doxycycline
b. Tetracycline
c. Pencillin
d. Erythromycin

27q: Which of the following is commonly used in narcoanalysis ?
a. Atropine sulphate
b. Scopolamine hydrochloride
c. Opium compounds
d. ?????????????

28q: Recrrent meingitis in CSF leak patients most commonly due to:
a. E.coli
b. Pneumococcus
c. memingococcus
d. Yersinia

29q: Pathogenesis of all of the following is granulomatous except
a. wegener's granulomatosis
b. buerger's disease
c. takayasu's arteritis
d. giant cell arteritis

30q: Thymoma is associated with all except ?
a. red cell aplasia
b. myasthenia gravis
c. hypogammaglobulinemia

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