Monday, January 11, 2010

333 - AIPGMEE 2010 Mcqs with answers - part 5

21q: Endophthalmitis involves all of the following except ?
a. Uvea
b. Retina
c. Sclera
d. Vitreous

*Endophthalmitis is defined as an inflammation of the inner structures of the eyeball i.e., uveal tissue and retina associated with pouring of exudates in the vitreous cavity, anterior chamber and posterior chamber.

22q: Which of the following is the lymphatic drainage of spongiform urethra ?
a. Deep inguinal lymph nodes
b. Superficial inguinal lymph nodes
c. External iliac nodes
d. Internal iliac nodes

*The lymphatic vessels of the membranous and prostatic urethrae in males and the whole of the urethra in the female, pass to the internal iliac nodes, although a few may enter the external nodes. But vessels coming from the spongy urethra (urethra, which transverses the penis or penile urethra) drain with the glans penis into the deep inguinal nodes. Some of the vessels may enter the superficial inguinal nodes and may pass through the inguinal canal to reach the external iliac nodes. From these nodes they drain into the lateral aortic nodes. From the nodes, efferents issue to the lumbar lymph trunk. The lumbar lymph trunks help to form the abdominal confluence of lymph ducts or the cisterna chyli. Cisterna chyli drains into thoracic duct.

23q: Which of the following inhibits insulin secretion ?
a. Gastrin
b. Secretin
c. Adrenaline
d. Growth hormone

24q: Subarachnoid hemorrhage is assessed by ?
a. Hunt-Hess grading scale
b. Modified Rankin scale
c. Glasgow coma scale
d. Glasgow coma outcome scale

25. Hydrops fetalis is associated with ?
a. Parvo virus B19 infection
b. HPV infection
c. Syphilis
d. Gonococcus

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