Friday, November 18, 2011

444 - AIIMS NOVEMBER 2011 Mcqs with answers - part 16

76.A Cricket player hit his thumb catching a ball. For which of the following will you investigate ?
a.Abductor pollicis longus
b.Extensor pollicis brevis
c.Ulna collateral ligament
d.Volar plate

77.An Old man presented with single episode of new onset seizures. Drug of choice is 
c.Sodium valproate

78.Eye pupil is not dilating to 1% pilocarpine. Most probable cause is
a.Adie's pupil
b.Diabetes mellitus occulomotor palsy
c.Pharmacological block
d.Uncal herniation

79.A Girl presents with primary amenorrhea, secondary sexual characters present,no uterus and no ovary,pubic hairs are absent. The most probable diagnosis is
b.Androgen insensitivity
d.Gonadal dysgenesis

80.For which of the following conditions giving Prostaglandins is detrimental
a.Hypoplastic left heart syndrome
b.Pulmonary atresia
c.Obstructive TAPVC
d.Aortic arch interruption


pallavi said...

i think it is old man with focal seizures. pls confirm

pallavi said...

most common cause for addison's in india
a) tb adrenals
b) post partum

Anonymous said...

most specific for RA
a) anti ccp

Anonymous said...

pupil not reacting to 1percent pilocarpine..pharmacological blockade

shruti said...

80) ans is obstructed TAPVC
Coz in all the other options giving prostaglandins is necessary to keep the PDA open inorder for the infant 2 survive...

shruti said...

80) ans is obst TAPVC.
coz in the other options givin prostaglandins is helpful 2 help in the survival of the infant...

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