Tuesday, November 15, 2011

436 - AIIMS NOVEMBER 2011 Mcqs with answers - part 8

36.HAM test is done for
a.G.P.I anchor protein
b.Complement defect
c.Spectrin defect
d.Mannose binding protein

37.16 year old girl wth primary amenorrhea attends OPD. She has normal sexual development and normal breast but with absent public and axillary hair. Examination shows B/L inguinal hernias.USG shows absent uterus and blind vagina. Diagnosis will be
a.Turner syndrome
b.Mullerian agenesis
c.Star syndrome
d.Androgen insensitivity syndrome

38.A newborn presents with congestive heart failure, on examination has bulging anterior fontanellae with a bruit on auscultation. Transfontanella USG shows a hypoechoic midline mass with dilated lateral ventricles. Most likely diagnosis is
c.Vein of Galen malformation
d.Arachnoid cyst

39.All the following can occur in a neonate for heat production except
b.Breakdown of brownfat with adrenaline secretion
c.Universal flexion like a fetus
d.Cutaneous vasoconstriction

40.The important fatty acid present in breast milk which is important for growth is
a.Docosahexaenoic acid
b.Palmitic acid
c.Linoleic acid
d.Linolenic acid

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hamtest,for complement defect

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