Tuesday, November 15, 2011

440 - AIIMS NOVEMBER 2011 Mcqs with answers - part 12

56.Marker of bone formation are all except
b.alkaline phosphatase
c.procollagen residue

57.Criteria for primary hyperaldosteronism, all except
a.diastolic hypertension without edema
b.metabolic acidosis present
c.low secretion of renin.
d.low secretion of aldosterone inspite of reduced volume of fluid

58.Bremelanotide used for
a.Erectile dysfunction
c.Prostatic cancer
d.Metastatic renal cancer

59.Post operative ileus is maximum in:

60.According to organ transplantation act 1994 what punishment for doctor if found guilty ?
a.2 yrs
b.more than 5 yrs
c.4 yrs
d.2-5 yrs


pallavi said...

q.57. hyperaldosteronism is associated with metabolic alkalosis and not acidosis. so i think the answer is metabolic acidosis.

Anonymous said...

q 57. also in primary hyperaldosteronism there is hypersecretion of aldosterone that which does not supress appropriately in response to volume expansion.
option 2 is sure not a criteria
option 4 is also to be excluded na please give clarity

Shantanu said...

Q59] The large intestine is devoid of in-tercellular gap junctions, which makes the COLON more susceptible to the inhibitory actions of anesthetics.

Shantanu said...

Q59] Colon

Anesthetic agents exert their strongest effects on the region of the bowel that depends most on neural integration.
Most notably, the large intestine is devoid of intercellular gap junctions, which makes the colon more susceptible to the inhibitory actions of anesthetics.

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