Tuesday, February 10, 2009

85 - COMEDK PGET 2009 paper mcqs - 2

6.            myelodysplastic syndrome is associated with which chromosome ?


a.            2q

b.            5q

c.             8q

d.            11q


Answer: B . 5q .


7.            progressive supranuclear palsy is associated with all except


a.            tremors

b.            unsteadiness

c.             dysarthria

d.            gaze palsy


answer:  A . tremors .


8q: which of the following is the most common cause of non gonoccal urethritis ?


a.            Chlamydia

b.            Trichomonas

c.             Ureaplasma

d.            Herpes simplex


Answer:  A . Chlamydia .


9q: which of the following is the most common complication of transurethral resection of prostate ( TURP ) ?


a. erectile dysfunction

B. retrograde ejaculation

c. urinary incontinence

d. urethral stricture disease


answer: B . retrograde ejaculation .



10q: all of the following are associated with hydrops fetalis except ?


a.            congenital heart block

b.            cystic hygroma

c.             congenital varicella syndrome

d.            congential nephrosis


answer:  C. congenital varicella syndrome .


11q: in a child with acute liver failure which of the following is the most important abnormal sero biochemical test ?


a.            increasing transminases

b.            increasing bilirubin

c.             increasing prothrombin time

d.            reversal of serum albumin globulin ratio


answer: C . increasing prothrombin time .


12q: thoracic duct crosses the posterior mediastinum at the level of which vertebra ?


a.            T5

b.            T6

c.             T7

d.            T8


Answer: A . T5 Vertebra .

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