Sunday, March 17, 2013

489 - AP PG 2013 paper Mcqs with answers part 2

6.extra renal manifestations of ADPKD include all except
A.saccular aneurysms
B.aortic root and annulus dilation
C.colonic diverticulae
D.splenic cysts
Answer.d.splenic cysts.

7.a unique form of hemolytic anemia (with spur cells and acanthocytes) can occur in patients with severe alcoholic hepatitis . This is called as
A.kostamann's syndrome
B.zieve's syndrome
C.seckel syndrome
D.dubowitz syndrome
Answer.b.zieve's syndrome.

8.aplastic anemia with pancreatic insufficiency and malabsorption is seen in
A.fanconi's anemia
B.dyskeratosis congenita
C.shwachman diamond syndrome
D.diamond Blackfan syndrome
Ans.c.shwachman diamond syndrome

9.hemorrhagic cystitis is a dreaded complication with use of
B.cyclosporin A

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