Thursday, May 12, 2011

426 - AIIMS May 2011 mcqs with answers - part 4

31q: Body weight is not transmitted by
a. Coracoacromion ligament
b. Costoclavicular ligament
c. Acromioclavicular ligament
d. Interclavicular ligament

32q: Muscle rigidity is due to
a. Mu chain
b. Kappa chain
c. Delta chain
d. Lambda chain

33q: Which of the following is a stimulus for respiratory centre?
a. Decrease in pCO2
b. H+ ions
c. Increase in pCO2
d. Increase in pO2

34q: In civil negligence the onus of proof lies with
a. Doctor
b. Patient
c. First class judicial magistrate
d. Police not below the rank of subinspector

35q: Gall bladder shows comet tail appearance in
a. Adenomyomatosis
b. ??????
c. ??????
d. ??????

36q: Central dot sign on CT is seen in
a. Caroli's disease
b. ??????
c. ??????
d. ??????

37q: Axillary sheath is derived from
a. Pretracheal fascia
b. Prevertebral fascia
c. Clavipectoral fascia
d. ???????

38q: Formication/Delusion of persecution is seen in
a. Cocaine toxicity
b. ??????
c. ??????
d. ??????

39q: Gold standard investigation for GERD
a. 24 hour acid pH
b. Manometry
c. Endoscopy
d. ????????

40q: BRCA1 gene is located on which chromosome ?
a. 17
b. 13
c. 11
d. 19

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