Tuesday, May 10, 2011

424 - AIIMS May 2011 mcqs with answers - part 2

11q: A 30 year old woman presents with primary infertility and palpable mass in pelvis. CA-125 level is 90u/ml. What is the probable diagnosis?
a. Ovarian carcinoma
b. TB
c. Endometriosis
d. Borderline ovarian tumour

12q: All of the following are anti-larval measures except
a. Gambusia fish
b. DDT spraying
c. Intermittent irrigation
d. ???????

13q: All of the following are true about DDT except
a. It is a contact poison
b. It has effect upto 18 months
c. It kills instantly
d. ??????

14q: Which of the following is the test for ovarian reserve?
a. Estradiol
c. FSH
d. LH

15q: Which of the following is true about clomiphene citrate?
a. Enclomiphene is anti-estrogenic
b. Increased pregnancy rate 3 times when compared to placebo
c. Twin pregnancy incidence is 5-6%
d. Has shown to increase fertility in oligospermic males in recombinant trials

16q: All are seen in gestational diabetes except
a. Previously macrosomic baby
b. Obesity
c. Malformation
d. Polyhydramnios

17q: Infection from inner ear spreads to CNS through
a. Cochlear aqueduct
b. Endolymphatic sac
c. Vestibular aqueduct
d. Hyrtle fissure

18q: Tumor marker for GIST ?
a. CD 117
b. CD 34
c. CD 30
d. CD 10

19q: Vaginal delivery can be allowed in all except
a. Monochorionc monoamniotic twins
b. Mentoanterior
c. Extended breech
d. Dichorionic twins with ist vertex and second breech

20q: A lady presents with no complains but mild cervical lymphadenopathy in First trimester. Doctor prescribes her spiramycin but she was non compliant. A baby was born with hydrocephalus and intercerebral calcification. The most likely cause is
a. Toxoplasmosis
b. CMV
c. Rubeola
d. Cryptococcus

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