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411 - AIIMS NOVEMBER 2010 Mcqs with answers (full paper)

1.False about H influenza
a)it needs factor X and V for growth
b)protein capsule plays an important role in pathogenicity
c)it is a rare cause of meningitis in first 2 months of life
d)m.c. invasive manifestation is meningitis

2.Which of the followings is false about C.perfringes
a)food poisoning strains produce heat resistant spores
b)show positive naegler reaction
c)most important toxin is hyaluronidase
d)m.c. cause gas gangrene

3.Hyperkalemia without ECG changes may be treated with all except
a)calcium gluconate
c)Na bicarbonate
d)insulin with dextrose

4.Cock’s peculiar tumour is
a)basal cell CA
b)squamous cell CA
c)sebaceous ulcerated cyst

5.stone hard to break by ESWL is
a)Ca oxalate
b)uric acid

6.20 yr female hirsutism, oligomenorrhea, increased testosterone level and normal ovaries on USG- diagnosis
a)idiopathic hirsutism
c)testosterones secreting tumour
d)adrenal hyperplasia

7.laparoscopic Intranasal approach for assessing which organ EXCEPT?
a)lacrimal gland
b)optic nerve
c)pituitary gland

8.pondreal index of baby of 2000gm and 50 cm

9 In reassembling post amputation, following is done first:
a.vein ligation
b.artery ligation
c.nerve ligation
d.attach bone

10.A person is able to abduct his arm, internally rotate it, place the back of hand on the lumbosacral joint. but is not able to lift off from back. Etiology?
a)subscapularis tear
b)teres major tear
c)long head of biceps
d)acromioclavicular jt. dislocation

11.Spanish windlass is practiced in -

12.CHILD WITH phaacomelia anomaly due to drug taken by mother
c) trimethoprim
d) cyclophosphamide

13.Rate of newly synthesized osteoid mineralization can be best estimated by
a)tetracyclin labeling
b)alizarin red stain
d)von kossa stain

14.All can cause candidiasis EXCEPT

15.Tensor tympani nerve supply
a)trigeminal n
b)facial n
c)glassopharyngeal n
d)vagus n

16. Not true about varicella infection
a. Only single stage of lesion is present at a time
b.Secondary attack rate is 90%
c.lesions occurs in flexors
d.reactivation occur in 10-15%cases

17.all supplied by superior gluteus n except
a.gluteus maximus
b.gluteus medius
c.gluteus minimus
d. tensor fascia lata

18. Perineural invasions seen in
a.) Adenocarcinoma
b.) Adenoid cystic ca
c.) BCC
d.) Sq.CC

19.lactic acidosis caused by vitamin def
d)pantothenic acid

20.endometrial cancer involving 50% of endometrium, extending to vagina, lymph nodes negative with positive peritoneal cytology is staged as

21.not a channelopathy
a)tay sach
b)liddle’s syndrome
c)hypokalaemic paralysis
d)cystic fibrosis

22.Stocker's line are seen in
a) pterygeum
b) pinguecula
c) congenital ocular melanosis
d) Conjunctival epithelial melanosis

23.vaginal sphincter is formed by all except??
a) bulbospongiosis
b) external urethral sphincter
c) internal urethral sphincter
d) pubococcygeus

24.Which of the following is the least likely cause of Neonatal mortality in India?
c)Birth Asphyxia
d)Congenital anomalies

25.hard tick spread all except
a) relapsing fever
b) kfd
c) turalemia
d)indian tick typhus

26.Ramelteon true except
a)MT1, MT2 Agonist
b)addiction liability
c)Used for t/t of insomnia
d)metabolised by cyp1A2

27.gallows traction is used in relation to #
a)shaft femur
b)neck femur
c)shaft tibia
d)tibial tuberosity

28.treatment for severe pain after thoracotomy
a)intercostal cryoanalgesia
b)i.v fentanyl
c)oral morphine
d)rectal diclofenac

29.A woman consumes several tabs of Amitryptiline. All of the following can be done except
a)Sodium bicarbonate infusion
b)Gastric lavage
c)Diazepam for seizure control
d)atropine as antidote

30.Murmur increases with Valsalva manoeuvre

31. A G2 female 9 weeks pregnant,had a previous child with down’s syndrome.she doesn’t want another child with Down’s.you will tell her:
a.USG at this stage will confirm presence or absence
b.Chorionic villous biopsy at this stage will confirm presence or absence
c.triple test /maternal AFP at this stage will confirm presence or absence
d.nothing can be done

32.One of the following disorders is due to maternal disomy of chromosome 15
a)Prader Willi
b)Angelman syndrome
c)Hydatidiform mole

33. 9 year old boy with prolonged aPTT and PT, defect is in?
a) Intrinsic pathway
b) extrinsic pathway
c) common pathway
d) platelets function

34. Which is d first site to involve in osteomyelitis
d)site of entry of nutrient artery

35.All of the following can cause SLE like syndrome except

36. mass drug treatment not for
a. scabies
c. filariasis
d.vit a deficiency

37.Splenomegaly is a feature of all except
a) PCV
b) CML
c) primary thrombocytosis
d) primary myelofibrosis

38.congenital cause of hypercoagulable states except
a)protein C deficiency
b)protein S deficiency
c)MTHFR mutation
d)lupus anticoagulant

39.anesthetic causing adrenal cortex suppression

40. Methicillin resistant staph outbreak in hospital, best way o preventing the spread
a. Fumigating the ward
b. Giving Vancomycin injection to all in patients
c. Asking the patient to put mask
d. By asking hospital staff to wash hands

41. Thunderclap headache?
a)extradural heamorrhage
b)aneursymal SAH
c)cluster headache
d)basilar migraine

42. .not an anti-inflammatory

43. .Pale infarct not in?

44. Maternal uncle of the boy has renal disease, he also has keratoconus, diagnosis
d)Denys Drash

45. True about enterotoxigenic E coli
a) Not a common cause of travellers’ diarrhoea
b) Spread by fomites
c) Common cause of watery diarrhoea in children in developing countries
d) Causes invasive diarrhoea

46.Most associated with heart disease?

47. which prevents ADP from leaving the mitochondria in exchange for ATP?
c)antimycin a

48. .Charcot's triad all except
a)palpable gall bladder

49.not a component of corpus cancer syndrome

50. the vit.K dependent clotting factor?

51.which gas is used to measure diffusion capacity

52. Which of the following is not permeable through the Blood Brain Barrier?
a. Water
b. Lipophilic drugs
c. Gas
d. Proteins

53.A 19 year old patient came to the outpatient department with complaints of Primary Amenorrhea. She had well developed breast and pubic hair. However there was absence of vagina and uterus. Likely diagnosis is?
a. XYY
b. Mullerian agenisis
c. Gonadal dysgenesis
d. Kleinfelter's syndrome

54. Woman treated with Lithium during pregnancy should be tested for
1. Neural tube defects
2. Cardiac anomalies
3. Urogenital anomalies
4. Facial defect

55. Widmark’s test is used in
a)time since death
b)amount of alcohol content
c)time since injury
d)stature of body

56. the number of births is 4050, 50 still birth, 50 died in 7 days, 150 died within 28 days, what is the NMR

57 All are CT features of adrenal adenoma except
a) Low attenuation
b) Homogenous density & well defined borders
c) Enhances rapidly, contrast stays in it for a long time & washes out late
d) Calcification is rare

58. not a jones major criteria
a)elevated ESR

59 Septum transversum gives rise to all except
a)Falciform ligament
b)Ligamentum teres
c)Coronary ligament
d)mesentery/ligament of lesser sac

60. A 40 year old man who met with a motor vehicle catastrophe came to the casualty hospital in an hour with severe maxillo facial trauma. His Pulse rate was 120/ min, BP was 100/70 mm hg, spO2 - 80% with oxygen .What would be the immediate management?
1. Intravenous access
2. Orotracheal intubation
3. Nasotracheal intubation
4. Tracheostomy

61.the amount of K+ in one bottle RL
a)1 meq/L
b)2 meq/L
c)4 meq/L

62.loss of lacrimation is due to damage to
a)Greater petrosal nerve
b)nasociliary nerve
c) ant. ethmoidal nerve
d)supraorbital nerve

63.histopathology showing onion bulb appearance in a nerve biopsy is in
b)leprosy neuritis
c)amyloid neuropathy
d)diabetic neuropathy

64.baby inward turned foot, unable to touch the tibia, most probable diagnosis
b)congenital vertical talus
c)Arthrogryposis Multiplex
d)cerebral palsy

65. Patient met with Road Traffic Accident with subsequent injury to the left knee. Dial test was positive. What could be the cause?
1. Medial Collateral Ligament Injury
2. Medial Meniscal Injury
3. Lateral Meniscus Tear
4. Posterolateral instability of knee

66.clue cells seen in
a)bacterial vaginosis
d)chlamydia trachomatis

67. not the minor criteria of multiple myeloma
a)plasmacytoma on biopsy
b)lytic bone lesions
c)plasmacytosis 20%
d) IgA<2.5 & IgG<3.5

68. Pacemaker of the respiratory centre
a) apneustic centre
b) pre botzinger complex
c) dorsal grp neurons
d) pneumotaxic centre

69. A 20 year old boy c/o faint hearing of voices, aggressive behaviour since 2 days. He has fever since only 2 days. When asked his family says that he has been muttering to self and gesticulating. Likely Diagnosis is
a)acute psychosis
d)delusional disorder

70.a 3 day child vomits everything he feeds, has a distended abdomen, diarrhoea, in urine the benedicts test is positive, what is the substance in urine?

71.why is a child able to breathe and suckle at the same time?
a)short soft palate
b)short tongue
c)high larynx
d)small pharynx

72. All are true about bacterial killing except
a.MPO helps in formation of OCl
b.NADPH oxidase helps in formation of superoxide anion
c.Immune deficiency in Brutton's agammaglobinemia is not related to opsonisation
d.Chediak-Higashi syndrome there is failure of phagolysosome formation

73.best view for frontal sinus?
d) Schuller's view

74.true about the scalenus anterior
a)pierced by the phrenic nerve
b)attached to tubercle of 2nd rib
c)separates the subclavian artery and vein
d)is anterior to transverse cervical artery

75, not absorbed from the PCT

76. 70yr old with myoclonic jerks, EEG showing b/L periodic sharp wave spikes, diagnosis?
a)Hepes simplex encephalitis
b)Lewy body dementia

77 Not an essential mineral?

78. Not used to introduce genome into the bacteria

79. Not used for the diagnosis of DM?
a)D- Xylose

80 Auto run over a child, there is a mark of the tyre tracks, it is
a)patterned bruise
b)patterned abrasion
c)imprint abrasion
d)stretched laceration

81. .bone fully formed at birth
b)ossicles of ear
c)mastoid process
d)parietal bone

82. brilliantly translucent is all except
a)vaginal hydrocele
b)cystic hygroma

83. boy is having diarrhoea, rhinorrhea, sweating, what is the most probable diagnosis?
a)cocaine withdrawal
b)heroin withdrawal
c)marijuana withdrawal
d)LSD withdrawal

84. patient is having bronchodilatation, increased temperature, constipation, tachycardia, diagnosis?
b)atropine poisoning

85. what is the pathology of oedema in nephrotic syndrome?
a)loss of protein in urine/hypoalbuminaemia
b)sodium & water retention
d)increased venous presure

86. phenylketonuria ,earlier part of management is
a.limiting the substrate for deficient enzyme
b.supplement diet with the missing protein
c.Replacement of deficient enzyme
d.Restricting the enzyme in the diet for the deficient substrate

87. amoebiasis not transmitted by
a)vertical transmission
b)oro rectal
c)oro fecal

88.a patient with BPH is under your care, when will you decide on TURP?
a)b/l hydro uretero nephrosis
b)prostate weight 75 grams
c)need 3 days course of antibiotics
d)can’t use medication due to hypertension

89. . A patient undergone surgery in neck of femur fracture case 1 month back. came with complaints of altered sensorium , difficulty in urination , s.Na 140 , K - 4.5 , urea 60 , Creat 1.3 , Ca 15.5, immediate control is all except
a)Rehydrate the patient

90. Which is the SERM?
d)clomiphene citrate

91. Hypoxia independent of

92.best way to sterilise sputum is all except
d) Chlorhexidine

93. Reason for fast CO2 diffusion
a)less dense
b)more soluble
c)less molecular weight
d)less pCO2 in the alveoli

94.Vi polysaccharide vaccine
a)causes local reaction
b)many side effects
c)C/I in many cases
d)can be given for yellow fever and hepatitis

95. young female with acute breathlessness and feeling of impending doom, diagnosis?
a. conversion reaction
b. Anxiety disorder
c. Acute psychosis
d. panic attack

96. not a way of minimising bias
c)multivariate analysis

97. not true about appetite stimulating neuropeptide y
a.36 amino acid
b.reduce thermogenesis
c.level decrease during fasting
d.stimulated by melanocorticotropin

[snip]. one chap found some correlation between dietary factors and a disease; he did this by collecting data from the food manufacturers and hospitals respectively, such a study is?
a) Ecological
b) cross sectional
c) Pesphological study
d) experimental study

99. Which is false regarding Spaulding criteria?
a)non critical items only decontamination is enough
b)Semi critical items contact mucous membranes or nonintact skin
c)semi critical items low level disinfection is enough
d)cardiac catheters are an example of critical items

100.what produced by the stomach has a role in control of food intake?

101. HER2/Neu significance is?
a)diagnosis of cancer
b)predicting the response to treatment
d)detect recurrence

102. All are true about starting of B-Blocker therapy in a case of heart disease except
a. They should be started with optimum doses
b. They should be gradually increased over weeks.
c. Special precautions should be taken in cases of NYHA class III and IV
d. Carvedilol and Metoprolol are the preferred drugs

103. A young athlete, vecuronium is absent, so succinylcholine was used, dose of 640mg%, his respiratory effort and reflexes are diminished? Reason?
a) Abnormal pseudoAChE deficiency
b) phase 2 block
c) undiagnosed muscular weakness
d) fasciculation produced by succinylcholine

104. A patient with recurrent passing of renal stones for 10months, the dietary advice that is not needed?
a) Protein restriction
b) calcium restriction
c) salt restriction
d) take plenty of water

105. Cause of sudden painless loss of vision in a 27 yr old with no significant past history and no findings in ocular and systemic examination
a) retinal detachment
b) glaucoma
c) cataract
d) eales disease

106 . Child with PDA will not have
a) Bounding pulses
b)Pulmonary haemorrhage
c)necrotising enterocolitis
d)CO2 wash out

107.aluminium phosphide poisoning, which is not the feature?
a) esophageal stricture
b) inhibits cyt. A oxidase
c) phosgene gas is produced
d) subendocardial infarcts

108. An 8 year old boy complains of left hypochondrium pain for 3 days. Further history from mother reveals history of passage of black colour stools for the past 3-4 days with history of similar episodes on two occasions in the last 3 years. During the episode the child used to become very weak and could not play with other .which of the following will help in making a clinical working diagnosis
a pallor
b splenomegaly
c free fluid in abdomen
d jaundice

109. Urine of pregnant women in third trimester and lactating mother contains which of the following

110. 35 yr old lady with chronic backache. On x ray she had a D12 collapse. But intervertebral disc space is maintained. All are possible except
a) multiple myeloma
b) osteoporosis
c) metastasis
d) tuberculosis

111. which of the following binds to acetyl CoA and condenses OAA

112. Horner syndrome not due to
a)carotid aneurysm
b)medial medullary syndrome
c)multiple sclerosis
d)treatment of reynolds

113. patient with mitral stenosis is having surgery tomorrow, there is some liver compromise, which of the following may be given?

114. Most sensitive test for Ductal carcinoma in situ

115. True about subendocardial hemorrhage are all except:
a.) may be seen after head injury
b.) involves RV WALL
c.) continuous pattern
d.) Flame shaped hemorrhages

116. A 10 yr old male child with failure of normal growth having- Na-140, K-4.7, Cl-112, HCO3-16, pCO2 32, pH-7.34, diagnosis is?
a)Anion gap Met acidosis
b)Non Anion gap met acidosis
c)respiratory alkalosis
d)chronic respiratory acidosis

117. why is intrapleural pressure negative?
a)alveolar pressure negative
b)surfactant is equally spread
c)lymphatic drainage
d)cartilaginous rings

118. GIST all except
a) most common in duodenum
b) necrosis and ulceration
c) PET is used to assess
d) well circumscribed

119. Tetanus infection in India. Not true
a) soil, animal and human intestine as reservoir
b) herd immunity or cross immunity does not occur
c) more in winter/ dry season
d) transmitted via open injuries and wound

120. late onset schizophrenia, what is true?
b)age between 20 to 30yrs
c)bad prognosis
d)olfactory hallucination

121. fogarty catheter used for
a)embolectomy / remove blood clots from artery
c) for uretric catheterization
d) bladder drainage

122. Fibronetic nephropathy all r true except
1. PAS + N Trichome stain mesangium
2.subendothelial n mesangial deposits
3.autosomal recessive
4.inconsistent IgG deposits

123. Grading of abruptio placenta?
a) Page
c) macafee

124 contributry to eradication of small pox all except
a)subclinical infection does not spread
b)very efficient vaccine
c)cross immunity with animal pox present
d)life long immunity

125. secondary hyperparathyroidism is all except

126. true about RDS:
a.develop within 6 hrs after birth
b.air bronchogram seen
c.cyanosis seen
d. term baby

127. 30wks, pre term child with moderate respiratory defect, what will you do?
b) surfactant and mechanical ventilation
c) humidified oxygen

128. Cyanosis in trauma due to
a.early hypoxia
b. late hypoxia
c. absence of cyanosis indicates adequate airway
d. absence of cyanosis indicates adequate tissue perfusion

129. 25 year old laborer 3 year back presented with penile ulcer not treated. Later He presented with neurological symptoms for which He got treated. Test to monitor response in this patient

130. What is the treatment of threshold ROP?
a) Laser
b) slow reduction in oxygen
c) retinal reattachment
d) antioxidants

131. Hemorrhagic cystitis is caused by
c) cyclophosphamide

132 ARDS
a)FRC > Closing volume
b)FRC < Closing volume
c)FRC = Closing volume
d)dependent on FRC, not on CV

133. Inclusions in oligodendrogliocytes is a feature of
a.) Creutzfeld Jackobs
b.) CIDP
c.) HSV
d.) Progressive multiple encephalopathy

134. CSF rhinorrhoea, treatment of choice?
a) Immediate blocking of nose with paraffin gauze
b) Blowing nose
c) Ask the patient to lift the head up position
d) start antibiotics and watch for 1week

135. Not developed from the mesentry of the stomach?

136. A 60 yr old man with incomplete urine voiding since 10 yrs Creatinine increased, urea increased, hydronephrosis with hydroureter ,prostate >70 gms .residual urine post voiding:400 ml. Immediate management is:
a. Catheterise the bladder
b. ureterostomies
c. MRI
d. CT to check for prostate ca

137. .patient with 6th cranial nerve palsy, T2 weighted MRI, Hyperintense shadow which shows contrast enhancement, diagnosis?
c)cavernous hemangioma

138. Child with recurrent abdominal pain, bilious vomiting, no finding on examination, condition was diagnosed by barium follow through, surgery was done which included 3 things- mesentric widening, appendicectomy, cutting the Ladd's band, diagnosis?
a)Caecal volvulus
b)Mal rotation
c)Acute appendicitis
d)small bowel strictures

139. Amnesia is in
a) following head trauma
b) stroke
c) paraplegia
d) spinal trauma

140. 8yrs child, no significant past history, bp- 180/110, urea high, Creatinine also high, and urine shows pus cells 15- 20, RBC 1 to 2, your diagnosis?
b) accelerated hypertension with ARF
c) idiopathic RPGN
d) interstitial nephritis with reflux disease

141. A Bone marrow transplant receipient patient developed chest infection. ON chest Xray Tree on Bud appearance . The cause of this is
a.) kelbsiella
b.) pneumocystis
c.) TB
d.) RSV

142. false of vasopressin receptor is?
a)V1- endothelial smooth muscles
b)V2- distal nephron
c)V3- anterior pituitary
d)V4- CNS

143. In a study it is observed that the right ovary ovulates more than the left, all are possible explanations for the cause except?
a)anatomical asymmetry
b)difference in blood supply to both sides
c)right handedness
d)some embryological basis

144. cochlear implant, true is
a)not used in <5yrs
b)implant is introduced through the oval window
c)used in mild to moderate hearing loss
d)not contraindicated in cochlear malformation

145. Retinitis pigmentosa is a feature of all except
a)Refsum's diseaes
c)Halloverden Spatz

146. A mother suffers shock immediately after delivery, the most probable reason could be:
a) amniotic fluid embolism

147. A girl aged 20 yrs complains of headache while studying. Her vision is found to be normal. All of the following can be considered while evaluation except:
1. family history of headache
2. Menstrual history
3. Self expectations
4. Her interest in studies

148. patient having some infection, empirically started on a ceftriaxone and amikacin, the pus sent for culture revealed an ESBL producing organism, your course of action
a)change the cephalosporin for a quinolone
b)change the ceftriaxone for ceftazidime
c)change the cephalosporin for imepenam
d)don’t change the regime, just increase the dose

149. Gall bladder CA from an organism acquired while eating fish?
a)hymenolepsis diminuta
c)clonorchis sinensis
d)fasciola hepatica

150. The caecum is found to be placed below the stomach and in the midline. Which of the following abnormality must have taken place while rotation of the gut?
1. mal rotation
2. non rotation
3. reverse rotation
4. mixed rotation

151. not true of HepB
a)supportive care- Chronic HepB
b)supportive care- Acute HepB
c)antivirals- Chronic HepB
d)antiviral- acute HepB

152. Emergency contraception all except
b)oral levonorgestrel
c)oral mifepristone
d)copper IUCD

153. A young boy who has difficulty in getting up from sitting position was diagnosed to have Duchene’s muscular dystrophy. Which one is true regarding the mutation in the dystrohin gene in promoter region:
a. affects initiation of transcription
b.affects termination of transcription
c.affects capping of mRNA
d.tailing is defective

154. ER+ breast cancer, treatment is?
b) transtuzumab
c) letrazole
d)clomiphen citrate

155. Malignant pustule is
a Carbuncle
b Ulcerating melanoma
c cutaneous anthrax
d rodent ulcer

156. Caisson disease due to?
a)Fat embolism
b)Gas embolism
c)tumor embolism
d)amniotic fluid embolism

157. Reassortment of genome is in

158. Chemical peeling not used
a) carboxylic acid
b) Kojic acid
c) phosphoric acid
d) trichlor acetic acid

159. Respiratory centre depression is caused by all except
a.) opium
b.) strychnine
c.) barbiturates
d.) gelsenium

160. the test to distinguish mother and baby Hb?
a) Kleihauer Betke test
b) bubblin test
c) apt test
d)osmotic fragility

161. 37 week pregnant lady with previous LSCS, BP- 150/ 100, urine albumin++, pelvis favourable, cx 50% effaced, posterior position, station -3, your next step?
a)wait and monitor BP
b)induce labour
c)immediate LSCS
d)Antihypertensive regime and then induce labour after 10 days

162. Endotoxic shock earliest change is due to?
a.endothelial injury
b.peripheral vasodilatation
c.pyrogen release
d.cytokines action

163 not a stimulus for normal respiration?
b)j receptor

164. Which of the following is associated with poor prognosis in Ewings sarcoma?
a) B2 microglobulin
b) fever
c) thrombocytosis
d) young age

165. A study found an association between beta carotene and a disease X. but it may be due to decreased fibre in such diets, such a kind of occurrence is termed?
a)multifactorial causation
b)confounding factors
c) multiple regression

166. Bad prognosis in AML?
a. loss of chromosome x n y
b. monosomies.
c. Trisomies
D.NPM-1 mutation

167 treatment of CACx 3b is
D)intracavitatory brachytherapy

168. Best regimen foe PIH is
b)Lytic cocktail

169. all except one true for HEP B
1.vertical transmission more important than horizontal
2.age of onset determines prognosis
3.period of communiability lasts several months
4.viremia 1 month before jaundice

170. Regimen followed in expectant management of placenta previa.
A. Lileys method
B. Crede's method
C. McCafee and johnson regimen
D. shers method

171. False about retropharyngeal abscess
a)always to one side of the midline
b)can be palpated by finger
c)behind the prevertebral fascia
d)presents with dysphagia, dyspnoea

172. A teen age girl with nodulocystic acne is also complaining of irregular menses. Drug of choice will be?
a. Oral isotretinoin
b. Oral acitretin
c. Oral minocycline
d. Cyproterone acetate

173. What is cause of calcium excess in systemic granulomatous diseases?
a. Increased kidney production of di hydrocholecalciferol
b. Increased vitamin D absorption
c. Mutation in ca sensing receptor
d. dystrophic calcification

174. Radiation exposure is the least in the following procedure
a)micturating cystourethrogram
c)bilateral renostonogram
d)Spiral CT for stones

175. An adult male c/o pain in left side of abdomen. On further examination, a heterogeneous mass is seen to arise in retro peritoneum at the level of left renal hilum possible diagnosis is:
a. Lymphoma
b. malignant melanoma
c. germ cell tumour
d. transitional ca

176. Continuous administration of testosterone in a man causes
a) azoospermia
b) increased sperm motility
c) increased spermatogenesis
d) increased GnRH secretion

177. restriction endonuclease is introduced into a bacteria, what happens to him/ her?
a)multiply faster
b)proof reading improved
c)lyses host cell more effeciently
d)bacteria dies due to lack of methylase

178. 60yr old man, both HTN and DM for 10years, there is reduced vision in one eye, on fundus examination there is a central bleed and the fellow eye is normal, the diagnosis?
a)Diabetic retinopathy
b)retinal tear
c)optic neuritis
d)Hypertensive retinopathy

179. An old man after heavy work and travel complains of passing fresh blood PR for 7 days. No significant findings on PR examination and no other past historyWhat would u recommend next for the man?
b.Refer him to a surgeon for sigmoidoscopy
c.Refer him to a GEnterologist for colonoscopy
d.Barium enema

180. A child with eye closed,moving all 4 limbs n crying lustily,neonatal behavioral response scale for him?
a)stage 1
b)stage 2
c)stage 3
d)stage 5

181. A patient is in renal failure, which is the material when given along with contrast that is least harmful
a) half normal saline
b) fenoldopam
c) N- acetyl cysteine

182. a child H/O 8 blood transfusions in 2months Hb- 6, MCV low, WBC is normal, TLC 5600, also hypochromic microcytic anemia, which investigation is not done next?
a)pulmonary hemosiderin
b)urinary hemosiderin
c)bone marrow biopsy
d) gi endoscopy

183. in 8months prosthetic valve patient, the cause of IE is
a)staph. aureus
b)staph. epidermidis
c)strpto. viridens

184. Patient in microcytic hypochromic anemia, serum iron is low, ferritin 800, and percentage saturation 64, diagnosis?
b)iron defeciency anemia
c)DMT1 mutation

185. ABO incompatibility blood picture shows
a)fragmented RBCs

186. plasma sterilisation, organism used to test?
a)b. subtilis
b)b. Stearothermophilus
c)b. pumilus
d)cl. perfringens

187. A farmer who had a single verrucous indurated plaque on the dorsum of the right foot, diagnosis?
a)Tubercular verrucosa cutis
c)Lichen planus hypertrophicus
d)verrucous vulgaris

188. the histopath of wegener's granulomatosis?
a. granulomas in blood vessels
b. granulomas in GBM
c. nephrosclerosis
d. Focal necrotising GN

189. the problem of cytology study in solid tumours especially in CA Cx is
a)increased mitotic rate
b)inadequate sample
c)bacterial contamination of the specimen
d)area inaccessible

190. carbonic anhydrase reacts with EDTA what is true:
a.EDTA reacts with metal ion and makes it inactive
b.substrate complex cannot be acted upon by enzyme
c.EDTA changes the confrontation of the enzyme
d.EDTA substrate complex suicides

191. A child had a skin infection; a catalase negative organism was isolated which showed haemolysis andwas sensitive to bacitracin. Another doctor isolated a similar organism from the throat of the child? The correct statement is
a)M protein of both skin and throat are same
b)Mec A gene is related to it
c)skin infection by group D
d)C protein are different

192. all are true except
a. underlying brain inj always aassociated with outer fracture
b. subgaleal fracture poduces racoon eyes
c. skull base fracture leads to caroticocavernous fistula
d.post traumatic epilepsy occur in about 15% cases

193. 39year old female, previous laparoscopic surgery was uneventful, PT normal, aPTT increased. What is the next test?
a)factor 8
b)aggregation test
c)russel viper venom test
d)ristocetin aggregation

194. Methotrexate resistance occurs by
a)overproduction of DHFRase
b)Decrease folate reductase
c)deficiency of thymidine kinase
d)mutation of thymidilate synthase

195 Characteristic of Bacilus cereus food poisoning is
a) presence of Fever
b) presence of Pain abdomen
c)Absence of Vomiting
d)absence of Diarrhoea

196. A newborn with RR 86/min fever and grunting there was no nasal flaring and chest retraction present with lagging of abdomen. What is the score according to Silverman criteria
a. 2
b. 3
c. 4
d. 5

197. Which is used in overactive bladder?
a) duloxetin
b) darifinacin
c) flavoxate
d) oxybutynin

198. anti LKM Ab, false is
a.) LKM1 - Autoimmune hepatitis
b.) LKM2 - Drug induced
c.) LKM1 - chronic hepatitis
d.) LKM2 - chronic hepatitis D

199. Neonatal respiratory distress on administration of
a) opioid
b) propofol
c) furosemide
d) diazepam

200. If you want to make N/S from 10% dextrose in 100mL, how should you add the two?
a)20mL NS to 80mL of 10% Dextrose
b)40mL NS to 60mL of 10% Dextrose
c)60mL NS to 40mL of 10% Dextrose
d)80mL NS to 20mL of 10% Dextrose (not correct but nearest)


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