Sunday, November 18, 2012

485 - AIIMS NOVEMBER 2012 Mcqs with answers - part 2

6q: 14 year old boy, not able to get good grades on 9th standard exam. But very sharp and intelligent. Best test to diagnose his problem -
a. Neuropsychological battery
b. bhatia's battery
c. specific learning disability test
d. not recalled

answer: will post soon, if u know plz post in comments.

7q: Child with seizures, oval hypopigmented macules on trunk, subnormal IQ
a. Neurofibromatosis
b. Sturge Weber
c. Tuberous sclerosis
d. Incontinentia Pigmenti

answer: c.Tuberous sclerosis.

8q: 14yr female present with primary amenorrea. .absent uterus and vagina...breast and pubic hair normal..what is diagnosis?
a. Klinefelter syndrome.
b. Mullerian agenesis
c. Gonadal dysgenesis
d. ?????

answer: Mullerian agenesis.

9q: Which of the following does not supply sternocleidomastoid muscle?
a. Posterior auricular artery
b. Occipital artery
c. Thyrocervical artery
d. Superior thyroid artery

answer: Posterior auricular artery.

10q: EEG in anaesthesia useful in....
a. Depth of analgesia
b. depth of Local anesthesia
c. depth of general anaesthesia
d. depth of neuromucular block

answer: will post soon. if u know plz post in comments.

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