Tuesday, October 30, 2012

482 - DNB June 2011 Mcqs with answers - part 1

1q: Which of the following is a subcutaneous muscle?
c.Palmaris longus
d.Palmaris brevis

2q: Intrinsic laryngeal muscles are supplied by
a.Recurrent laryngeal nerve
b.External laryngeal nerve
c.Internal laryngeal nerve
d.None of the above

3q: Laryngocele arises from herniation through
a.Thyrohyoid membrane
b.Cricothyroid membrane
d. ??????

4q: Left testicular vein drains to
a.Left renal vein
b.Inferior vena cava
c.Right renal vein
d.Azygous vein

5q: Foramen of magendie which is in midline acts as an exit point of which of the following?
a.Lateral ventricles
b.Third ventricle
c.Fourth ventricle
d.None of the above

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