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479 - AIIMS MAY 2012 Complete paper with answers - part 1

1. A 50 year old female has undergone mastectomy for Ca Breast. After Mastectomy, Patient is not able to extend, adduct and internally rotate the arm. There is damage to nerve supplying which muscle? 
A. Latissimus Dorsi-----ANS 
B. Pectoralis Major 
C. Teres Minor 
D. Long head of Triceps 

2. Muscle spared by complete transection of cranial part of accessory nerve 
A. Stylopharyngeus -----ANS 
B. Palatopharyngeus 
C. Salpingiopharyngeus 
D. Cricopharyngeus 

3. Cervical vertebra is differentiated from the Thoracic vertebra by the presence of (Twisted Nov 2006) 
A. Foramen Transversarium-----ANS 
B. Triangular Foramina 
C. Upward facing facets 
D. Larger Vertebral Body 

4. In complete unilateral damage to Hypoglossal nerve, all are true EXCEPT (May 2008) 
A. Atrophy on affected side 
B. Deviation of tongue towards the site of lesion 
C. Deviation of Larynx to the contralateral side during swallowing 
D. Loss of tactile sensation on tongue on affected side-----ANS 

5. Which of the following is True? 
A. Hypothalamus is part of brainstem 
B. Occipital lobe is part of Cerebral Cortex ------ANS 
C. Medulla is part of Limbic System 
D. All of the above 


6. CSF pressure is mainly regulated by (May 2011) 
A. Rate of CSF formation 
B. Rate of CSF Absorption -----ANS 
C. Cerebral Blood Flow 
D. Venous Pressure 

7. On exposure to cold, a neonate shows all of the following mechanism EXCEPT (Nov 2011, Nov 2006) 
A. Shivering ----ANS 
B. Crying and flexion of body like fetus position 
C. Cutaneous Vasoconstriction 
D. Increased production of Noradrenaline for breakdown of brown fat in adipose tissue 

8. Without external cues, the sleep-wake cycle in humans (AI 2012) 
A. Does not continue 
B. Continue with cycle length of 24 hours 
C. Continue with cycle length of less than 24 hours 
D. Continue with cycle length of more than 24 hours -----ANS 

9. All of the following are true for ADH, EXCEPT 
A. Post-operative increase in secretion 
B. Neurosecretion 
C. Increased secretion when plasma osmolality is low------ANS 
D. Act on distal tubule and increase permeability 

10. Critical Closing volume is 
A. Volume at the end of forceful expiration 
B. Volume at the end of forceful inspiration 
C. Volume remaining after Functional Residual Capacity is measured-------ANS 
D. Close to Residual Volume 

11. During moderate exercise, blood flow to brain (AI 2008) 
A. Increases 
B. Decreases 
C. No Effect ------ANS 
D. First increases then decrease 

12.Corticospinal injury is associated with all EXCEPT [DUMMY] 
A. Babinski sign present 
B. Loss of fine movements in fingers and hand 
C. Superficial abdominal reflex absent 
D. Clasp knife rigidity 

13. Ventricular Depolarization starts from 
A. Posterobasal part of ventricle 
B. Basal part of ventricle 
C. Uppermost part of Interventricular septum 
D. Left part of Interventricular septum-------ANS 

14. Left lobe is responsible for 
A. Appreciation of Music 
B. Spatial orientation 
C. Fine Motor Movement / Visual Stimuli Processing 
D. Written and Spoken Language-------ANS 


15. Fluorescence means 
A. Spontaneous illumination in dark 
B. Release of longer wavelength light on absorbing light of short wavelength -----ANS 
C. Release of shorter wavelength light on absorbing light of longer wavelength 
D. Release of equal wavelength light at constant rate 

16. Gluconeogenesis in Fasting state is indicated by 
A. Citrate activation by acetyl co-a carboxylase 
B. Pyruvate Carboxylase activation by Acetyl CoA-------ANS 
C. Fructose 1,6 bisphosphate activation by Pyruvate Kinase 
D. Fructose 2,6 bisphosphate activation by PFK-1 

17. DNA estimation can be done by 
A. Spirometer 
B. Spectrophotometer ------------ANS 
C. pH meter 
D. Sphygmometer 

18. Food with maximum Cholesterol content 
A. Egg ------------ANS 
B. Coconut Oil 
C. Hydrogenated Fats 
D. Ghee (Hydrogenated) 

19. If more than one codon codes for same amino acid, this phenomenon is known as (Nov 06,11) 
A. Degeneracy --------------ANS 
B. Frame-Shift Mutation 
C. Transcription 
D. Mutation 


20. Last organ to be dissected during autopsy in asphyxia death (May 2008) 
A. Neck -------------ANS 
B. Head 
C. Abdomen 
D. Thorax 

21. Active partner in lesbianism is called as 
A. Femme 
B. Bugger 
C. Catamite 
D. Dyke ---------------ANS 

22.A person was found dead with bluish green frothy discharge at the angle of mouth and nostrils. What is the diagnosis? 
A. Arsenic poisoning 
B. Copper poisoning --------------------ANS 
C. Mercury poisoning 
D. Lead poisoning 

23. Heat stiffening in muscles occurs above temperature (*C) 
A. 30 
B. 40 
C. 50 
D. 60 -----------------ANS 

24. A man was found with suicidal shot on right temple. The gun was in his right hand. The skull was burst open. There was charring and cherry red coloration in the track inside. What can be said about shot? 
A. Contact Shot 
B. Close shot at a distance of one feet from hand------ANS 
C. Shot within range of smoking 
D. Shot within range of tattooing 

25. Which of the following anti-estrogen drug is used in estrogen receptor positive breast cancer? (Nov 2010, May 2011) 
A. Tamoxifen -----------------ANS 
B. Clomiphene Citrate 
C. Estrogen 
D. Adriamycin 

26. A woman consumes several tabs of Amytryptalline. All of the following can be done except? (Nov 2010) 
A. Sodium Phenobarbitone infusion for alkalization of urine 
B. Gastric Lavage 
C. Diazepam for seizure control 
D. Atropine as antidote--------------------ANS 

27. According to recent Supreme Court Judgment, Doctor can be charged for Medical Negligence under 304-A, only if 
A. If he is from corporate hospital 
B. If negligence is from inadvertent error 
C. Res Ipsa Loquitor 
D. Gross Negligence -------------------ANS 

28. A person breaks someone’s mandible in alleged fight. Police can 
A. Arrest with warrant 
B. Arrest without warrant -----------------ANS 
C. Declare him hostile and put him in jail 
D. Put him in mental asylum 

29. Choking is seen in (Repeat) 
A. Revolver 
B. Pistol 
C. Shotgun --------------------ANS 
D. Rifle 

30. In Breslau’s second life test, organ tested is 
A. Brain 
B. Heart 
C. Lung 
D. Stomach and Intestine -------------------ANS 

31. A patient comes with Pinpoint pupil, salivation, tremors and red tears. Cholinesterase level was 30% of Normal. Probable Diagnosis is 
A. Organophosphorus Poisoning -------------------ANS 
B. Dhatura 
C. Arsenic poisoning 
D. mercury poisoning 

32. A case of murder with gunshot is reported. A metal bullet is recovered from the body. Primary and Secondary markings on a metal bullet can be used for 
A. Identification of weapon-------------------ANS 
B. To know the range of firing 
C. Severity of tissue damage 
D . To know time of crime 


33.Primary cause of edema in Nephrotic Syndrome is (Nov 2010) 
A. Na+ and Water retention 
B. Increased venous pressure 
C. Protein Loss ------------------ANS 
D. Hyperlipidemia 

34. Fixative used in Histopathology (Topic AI 2011)(?) 
A. Ethyl Alcohol 
B. Buffered Neutral 10% Formalin---------------ANS 
C. Glutaraldehyde 
D. Bouin’s Solution 

35. In Barrett’s Esophagus 
A. Intestinal Metaplasia --------------ANS 
B. Intestinal Dysplasia 
C. Gastric Dysplasia 
D. Squamous Metaplasia 

36. About Bombay Blood Group, true is 
A. Lack of A,B and H antigen on RBC ------------ANS 
B. Lack of A, B and H antigen in Saliva 
C. Lack of other Blood Group Antigens 
D. Presence of Anti-A, Anti-B and Anti-H antibody in blood 

37. Most common mechanism of GERD 
A.Transient decrease in pressure at LES----------------ANS 
B. Hypotension at lower esophageal sphincter 
C. Hiatus Hernia 
D. Gastritis 

38. Bradykinin in acute inflammation causes (AI 2010) 
A. Vasoconstriction 
B. Pain at the sign of inflammation--------------ANS 
C. Bronchodilatation 
D. Decreased vascular permeability 

39. Inheritance is (May 2004) (diagram missing) 
A. Mitochondrial Inheritance----------------ANS 
B. Autosomal Dominant 
C. X-linked Recessive 
D. Autosomal Recessive 

40. Which of the following suggest Irreversible Cell Injury (Nov 2007) 
A. Mitochondrial Swelling 
B. Amorphous Density in Mitochondria -------------ANS 
C. Ribosomal detachment from ER 
D. formation of phagolysosome 

41. In Lewis Triple Response, redness when skin is scratched with a pointed object is seen due to 
A. Axon Reflex causing Vasoconstriction 
B. Histamine Release due to local injury to mast cells by pointing device-------------ANS 
C. Free Nerve Endings 
D. Endothelial Damage leading to increase in permeability 

42. Drug causing acquired Nasolacrimal duct obstruction 
A. Timolol ----------ANS 
B. Pilocarpine 
C. Dorzolamide 
D. Brimonidine 

43. Antibiotic associated with Colitis 
A. Neomycin 
B. Chloramphenicol 
C. Clindamycin------------ANS 
D. Vancomycin 

44. Drugs banned by International Olympics Committee are all EXCEPT 
A. Salbutamol 
B. Sodium Cromoglycate-----------ANS 
C. Spironolactone 
D. Erythropoietin 

45. What is true about First Order Kinetics? 
A. Constant amount of drug is eliminated 
B. Rate of elimination is constant 
C. Free drug concentration increased after successive doses 
D. Rate of Elimination is proportional to plasma concentration of the drug----------------------ANS 

46. Despite having short half-life, PPI acts longer because 
A.Causes irreversible inhibition of proton pump. Acid secretion suppressed till new pumps are generated 
B. Get trapped in canaliculi -----------------ANS 
C. Enteric coated tablets causing slow release 
D. Prodrugs and needs generation of active metabolites 

47. False about Antiepileptics is 
A. Phenytoin and Carbamazepine act by prolongation of inactivated state of Na+ Channels ---------------ANS 
B. Diazepam is anti-epileptic 
C. Carbamazepine used for Trigeminal Neuralgia 
D. Lamotrigine acts by opening of GABA mediated Cl- channels 


48. In a 5 year old boy who has history of pyogenic infections by bacteria with polysaccharide-rich capsules, which of the following investigations should be done? (AI 2012) 
A. IgA deficiency 
B. IgG1 deficiency 
C. IgG2 deficiency 
D. IgA and IgG2 deficiency --------------ANS 

49. Sputum can be disinfected by all EXCEPT (Nov 2010) 
A. Autoclaving 
B. Boiling 
C. Cresol 
D. Chlorhexidine -------------ANS 

50. Which of the following factor is responsible for deciding whether an immunoglobulin will remain membrane bound or get secreted (AI 2011) 
A. RNA Splicing 
B. Class switching 
C. Differential RNA Processing ------------------ANS 
D. Allelic Exclusion 

51. A patient presents with signs of pneumonia. The bacterium obtained from sputum was a gram 
positive cocci which showed alpha hemolysis on sheep agar. Which of the following test will help to confirm the diagnosis? (AI 2011) 
A. Optochin sensitivity ----------------ANS 
B. Bacitracin sensitivity 
C. Coagulase test 
D. cAMP test 

52. With reference to antibiotic resistance, all of the following statements are true EXCEPT (Nov 2011, AI 2012) 
A. Most common mechanism is production of neutralizing substances 
B. Plasmid mediated antibiotic resistance is always transmitted vertically---------------ANS 
C. Complete elimination of the target is the mechanism of resistance to Vancomycin in some the strains of enterococcus 
D. Alteration of target is the mechanism of resistance in some of the Pneumococcal strains 

53. A patient has Bilirubin =0.9 mg/dl, elevated SGPT & SGOT (~1500-1600 IU/L). HBsAg positive, Anti HBC IgM negative, Anti Hepatitis E IgM positive. Patient has 
A. Chronic Hepatitis B infection with Hepatitis E superinfection ----------ANS 
B. Hepatitis E Infection 
C. Co-infection with Hepatitis B & Hepatitis E 
D. Infection with mutant Hepatitis B virus 

54. A young male patient presented with urethral discharge. On urine examination pus cells were found but no organisms. Which method would be best for cultures? (Nov 2011, May 2007, Nov2006) 
A.Mc coy cells------------ANS 
B.Thayer martin 
D.Levinthal medium 

55. A person working in abattoir with pustules on hand which turned into ulcer. Which of the following would help best in diagnosis? (Nov 2011) 
A. Polychrome Methylene Blue---------------ANS 
B. Carbol fuschin 
C. Acid Fast Stain 
D. Calcoflour white 


56. In certain population, there were 4050 births in last one year. There were 50 still births. 50 infants died within 7 days whereas 150 died within first 28 days. What is Neonatal Mortality Rate? (Nov2010) 
A. 50 -----------------ANS 
B. 62.5 
C. 12.5 
D. 49.5 

57. Leprosy is not yet eradicated because 
A. No effective vaccine 
B. Highly Infectious but low pathogenicity 
C. Only humans are reservoir 
D. Long incubation period----------------ANS 

58. A person found some correlation between fatty food intake and diseases due to obesity. He did this by collecting data from food manufacturers and hospitals respectively, such a study is (Nov 2010) 
A. Ecological study ------------------ANS 
B. Cross sectional 
C. Psephological study 
D. Experimental study 

59. Bias can be eliminated by all EXCEPT (Nov 2010) 
A. Matching 
B. Blinding 
C. Randomization 
D. Multivariate Analysis ---------------ANS 

60. A study revealed lesser incidence of carcinoma colon in pure vegetarians than non-vegetarians; by which it was concluded that Beta-carotene is protective against cancer. This may not be true 
because the vegetarian subjects may be consuming high fiber diet which is protective against cancer. This is an example of (Nov 2010) 
A. Multifactorial Causation 
B. Causal Association 
C. Confounding factor ------------------ANS 
D. Common association 

61. According to The Workmen’s Compensation Act, 1923, which of the following is considered an occupational disease? 
A. Typhoid 
B. Anthrax --------------ANS 
C. Tetanus 
D. Dengue 

62. True about Indian Reference Male is(Repeat Nov 2008) 
A. Age 20-39 years---------------ANS 
B. Weight 65 kg 
C. Work is mainly sedentary 
D. Works for 10 hours 

63. Application of Incubation period is all EXCEPT 
A. To differentiate co-primary cases from secondary cases 
B. To find out time for isolation -----------ANS 
C. To find out time for Quarantine 
D. To prevent infection to the contacts of the infected person 

64. Common to both Acute and Chronic Malnutrition is (May 2007) 
A. Weight for Age -------------ANS 
B. Height for Age 
C. Weight for Height 

65. True about Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojna 
A. Insurance company runs the scheme 
B. Government run insurance scheme for employees 
C. Government run insurance scheme for poor’s -------------ANS 
66. Natural Disaster causing maximum deaths 
A. Hydrological---------------ANS 
B. Geological 
C. Meteorological 
D. Climatological 

67. In 13-15 year female child, Recommended Daily Protein Intake is 
A. 0.68 
B. 0.95 
C. 1 
D. 1.33 --------------ANS 

68. In Acute Flaccid Paralysis Surveillance, Re-Evaluation of post-polio residual paralysis is done at 
A. 60 days-----------ANS 
B. 90 days 
C. 6 weeks 
D. 6 months 

69. Which of the following is best suited for the role of social worker 
A. Health professional involved in physiotherapy 
B. Health professional involved in coping strategies, interpersonal skills, adjustment with family -------------ANS 
C. A person involved in finding jobs and economic support for disabled 
D. Health professional 

70. A sexually active, long distance truck driver’s wife comes with vaginal discharge. Under Syndromic Approach, which drug should be given? 
A. Metronidazole, Azithromycin, Fluconazole --------------ANS 
B. Metronidazole 
C. Azithromycin 
D. Metronidazole and Fluconazole 

71. All of the following are helpful for elimination of Filariasis, EXCEPT 
A. Microfilarias do not multiply in vectors 
B. They multiply in humans 
C. Larvae are deposited on skin surface where they can’t survive------------ANS 

72. In WHO “Road to Health” chart, upper and lower limit of represents (?) 
A. 30 percentile for boys and 3 percentile for girls 
B. 50 percentile for boys and 3 percentile for girls-----------ANS 
C. 30 percentile for boys and 5 percentile for girls 
D. 50 percentile for boys and 5 percentile for girls 

73. On Fundoscopic Examination a patient, a red dot is seen. He has a history of being hit by a tennis ball. What is the probable cause? (Topic AI 2011) 
A. Berlin’s Edema --------------ANS 
B. Macular Tear 
C. Macular Hole 
D. Macular Bleed 

74. In Vision 2020, the target for Secondary Service Center is for how much population? (Topic AI 2012) 
A. 10000 
B. 50000 -------------ANS 
C. 1 lac 
D. 5 lac 

75. In Vision 2020, Ophthalmologist per population ratio is (Topic 2012) 
A. 5000 
B. 10000 
C. 50000 -----------------ANS 
D. 1 lac 

76. Occular Dendritic Cells have 
A. HLA 1 
B. HLA 2 
C. Both --------------ANS 
D. None 

77. Corneal Dystrophies are usually 
A. Primary Bilateral --------------ANS 
B. Primary Unilateral 
C. Primary Bilateral with Systemic Disease 
D. Primary Unilateral without Systemic Disease 

78. Weakness of both Adduction and Abduction is seen in 
A. Duane’s Retraction Syndrome Type 1 
B. Duane’s Retraction syndrome Type 2 
C. Duane’s Retraction syndrome Type 3----------------ANS 

79. A patient presented with unilateral proptosis, which was compressible and increases on bending forward. No thrill or bruit was present. MRI shows a retro-orbital mass with enhancement. The likely diagnosis is(May 2010) 
A. AV Malformation 
B. Orbital Encephalocele 
C. Orbital Varix ---------------ANS 
D. Neurofibromatosis 

80. In patient with anterior uveitis, decrease in vision due to posterior segment involvement can occur because of 
A. Visual Floaters 
B. Inflammatory Disc Edema 
C. Exudative Retinal Detachment 
D. CME -------------------ANS 

81. Area of retina seen under Direct Ophthalmoscope 
A. 1 DD 
B. 2 DD ---------------ANS 
C. 3 DD 
D. 4 DD 

82. A 40 year male with diabetes presents with vitreous hemorrhage. What is the cause? 
A. Neovascularization at disc-------------------ANS 
B. Posterior Retinal Detachment 
C. Central Retinal Vein Occlusion 
D. Trauma to Central Retinal Artery 

83. Gyrate Atrophy patient with defective Ornithine Transcarbamoylase will be benefited by 
A. Ornithine free diet --------------------ANS 
B. Arginine free diet 
C. Pyridoxine and Vit B12 
D. Vitamin B1, B6 and B12 

84. Iritis, Vitritis. Unilateral white patches on retina with focal necrotising involvement at choroid 
A. white dot syndrome 
B. Toxoplasmosis -----------ANS 
D. Herpes 


85. In Electrocochleography 
A. Probe, stimulation and outer cells 
B. Summation of microphonics 
C. AP of cochlear nerve 
D.evoked potential generated in cochlea and auditory nerve------ANS 

86. Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potential (VEMP) detects 
A. Cochlear Nerve 
B. Superior Vestibular Nerve 
C. Inferior Vestibular Nerve --------------ANS 
D. Inflammatory Myopathy 

87. Second Primary Tumor of Head & Neck most commonly suspected in malignancy of 
A.Oral cavity --------------------ANS 
B. Larynx 
C. Hypopharynx 
D. Paranasal sinuses 

88. A) Initial screening test for newborn hearing disorder 
B) Hearing test used in newborn 
A.ABR – Auditory Brainstem Response 
B.Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE) ------------ANS 
C. Free Field Audiometry 

89. All of the following are true for Hepatitis B EXCEPT? (Nov 2010) 
A. Vertical transmission more important than horizontal---------ANS 
B. Age of onset determines prognosis 
C. Period of Communicability lasts several months 
D. Virus can be found in blood 1 month before jaundice 

90. The acid base status of a patient reveals a pH=7.45 and pCO2=30 mmHg. The patient has partially compensated (AI2011) 
A. Metabolic Acidosis 
B. Metabolic Alkalosis 
C. Respiratory Alkalosis ----------ANS 
D. Respiratory Acidosis 

91. In Alternative Medicine, which of the following can be used for Heart Failure? (Topic AI 2012 – Alternative Medicine) 
A. Gingko Biloba 
B. Neem tree extract 
C. Terminalia Arjuna ------------------ANS 
D. St. John’s wort 

92. SLE, Anti TGFC antibody given. What can be seen in dermoepidermal junction? 
A. Anti-Nuclear antibody 
B. Immune-complex deposition ---------------ANS 
C. Anti-Collagen antibody 
D. Anti-Epithelial Cell antibody 

93. Post-transplantation lymphoma is due to 
B. EBV ------------ANS 

94. Most common type Spinocerebral Ataxia in India is 
A. SCA 1 
B. SCA 2 --------------ANS 
C. SCA 3 
D. SCA 4 

95. In Posterier Intercommunicating Artery Aneurysm, which structure has most chances to be compressed? 
A. Occulomotor Nerve -----------------ANS 
B. Trochlear Nerve 
C. Hypophysis 
D. Cerebellum 

96. In Tension Pneumothorax 
A. Chest wall expansion -------------------ANS 
B. Negative intrapleural pressure 
C. Decreased surfactant 
D. Increased compliance of lung 

97. Intracorpuscular Defect of Erythrocyte 
A. Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia 
B. Hereditary Spherocytosis -------------------ANS 
C. Microangiopathic Hemolytic Anemia 

98. A 23 year old female presenting with anemia, jaundice for 2 years. Peripheral smears showing spherocytes. The best investigation to be done is (Nov 2006) 
A. Osmotic Fragility Test 
B. Coomb’s Test ----------------ANS 
C. Reticulocyte Count 
D. Bone Marrow Aspiration 

99. Not a side-effect of Growth Hormone Therapy? 
A. Gynecomastia 
B. Hypoglycemia --------------------ANS 
C. Pseudotumor of Brain 
D. Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis 

100. A male come with anemia, weakness in hand and constipation since 2 years. He has abdominal pain. Most probable diagnosis 
A. Lead toxicity --------------------ANS 
B. Gastric ca 
C. chronic pancreatitis 


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