Thursday, July 1, 2010

406 - NIMS MCH Neurosurgery Paper Mcqs - 1

1q: Observe the following picture of functional divisions of cerebellum :
Which of the following correctly represent the functions of the parts 1,2,3 of the cerebellum respectively

A. Motor planning, Motor execution and eye movements
B. Motor execution, Motor planning and eye movements
C. Eye movements, Motor planning and Motor execution
D. Eye movements, Motor execution and Motor planning


*The part 1 in the figure shows the SPINOCEREBELLUM which has the medial and lateral descending tracts, and these are responsible for the Motor execution function.

*The part 2 in the figure denotes the CEREBROCEREBELLUM which are connected to the motor and premotor areas of the cerebrum and help in Motor planning.

*The part 3 in the figure denotes the VESTIBULOCEREBELLUM (Flocculonodular lobe) which helps in balance and eye movements.

*Shown below is the actual figure from which the question has been made :

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