Sunday, February 14, 2010

345 - NIMSET Orthopaedics MS 2010 paper - part 4

4q: Which of the following is the the predominant ketonebody in Diabetic ketoacidosis ?
a. Acetone
b. Acetoacetate
c. Beta hydroxy butyrate
d. ???????

5q: Which of the following orthosis is used in perthes disease ?
b. Scottish rite orthosis
c. Diffuse flexion hyperextension orthosis
d. Von rosen splint

*Below is a picture of how a scottish rite orthosis looks like :

6q: What is the condition of the gall bladder in death due to starvation ?
a. Distended with inspisated bile
b. empty
c. atrophied
d. ????????

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